R25 / R28 / R32 6 12 Degree Pilot Adapter Reaming Bit For Quarrying Drilling
5 pcs
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Place of Origin: Germany
اسم العلامة التجارية: ROSCHEN
إصدار الشهادات: CE, ISO
Model Number: R25, R28, R32
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concrete core drill bit

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Packaging Details: Carton/Wooden box
Supply Ability: 2000pcs
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R25 / R28 / R32 6 12 Degree Pilot Adapter Reaming Bit For Quarrying Drilling 

R25 / R28 / R32 6 12 Degree Pilot Adapter Reaming Bit For Cut Holes Quarry Mining  


Reaming bits is used for making large cut holes in drifting and tunneling. A smaller hole is first drilled and then reamed to the final size in combination with a pilot adapter. 

Button bit and Insert types

Spherical Button Characteristics
1. Universal button
2. Good wear resistance
3. Best suited for hard ground
4. 27000-48000PSI(180 to 320Mpa)
5. Suited for abrasive to very abrasive drilling conditions 

Ballistic Button Characteristics
1. Fast Penetration
2. Best suited for soft rock
3. 10000-20000PSI(70 to 140Mpa)
4. Suited for non-abrasive drilling conditions



Product Name: Different rock hardness drilling button bit
Description: 1. For different rock hardness mining, tunneling, quarrying button bit.             2. Button bit Made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide, 
through heat treatment.
Material: Alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide bit
MOQ: Trial order 1-5pcs
Body Type: Normal type and retract type
Thread type: R25,R28,R32,R38,T38,T45,T51,ST58,ST68
Diameter 32mm-152mm
Button bit shape Spherical and Ballistic
Face shape Flat shape ,Drop-center shape, Dome Bit 
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